Waban Village Day 2019

The Waban Improvement Society’s 14th annual Fun Run was a huge success yesterday. There were over 275 participants, our biggest crowd yet! It was so exciting to see a sea of bright green Fun Run shirts heading down Beacon Street as the race got underway. Thank you to all who came out to participate and support this event.

The weather held up for the Fun Run but not so much for the rest of Village Day. Shortly after the vendor booths opened, the music under the tent started to play, and the amusement rides and games began, unfortunately, the skies over Waban opened up causing it to rain for the next three hours, forcing the rides to shut down, most of the vendors to close up their booths, and event attendees to dash indoors for cover. This storm surprised all of us and seemed to come out of nowhere. Needless to say, the rain quickly put a damper on the rest of the day’s festivities.

Just as we did the last time we were rained out, all the music moved into our library and continued.

Mark Copeland Gospel group featuring Alexis Wright.


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Below is a video from 2012