The Next 100 Years Fundraising Campaign

next 100 years

For over 100 years the Waban Improvement Society has stood strong in Waban. We need your help so that it can continue to prosper for The Next 100 Years.

Community is at the core of the Waban Improvement Society. Established in 1889, The Waban Improvement Society is a non-profit organization whose membership comprises all people who live and/or work in Waban. Our Board is staffed by volunteers and is funded entirely by donations from neighbors, businesses and organizations within the community.

We have set an ambitious fundraising goal of $25,000. Reaching this goal will help us to continue to organize and host our beloved community events and support several community services for the Village.

Annual Community Events

  • Waban Village Day and Family Fun Run

  • Progressive Dinner

  • Waban Lights and Family Sing-Along

  • Newton Piano Summit

Community Services

  • Overseeing the Waban Library Center

  • $750 Scholarships for two Newton South Graduates each spring

  • Gardening/Beautification projects throughout Waban Square

Imagine Waban Square lit for the holidays as families enjoy sipping hot chocolate and the group sing-along. Picture families gathered in brightly-colored T-shirts to run, bike, scoot or walk the Fun Run course. Envision lively conversation and laughs over a meal at a new neighbor’s home during the Progressive Dinner. Listen for the sweet sounds of music filling the air during the Newton Piano Summit or giggles of children attending storytime at the Waban Library Center. Visualize the seasonal plantings filling the garden beds throughout Waban Square. Your gift to the Waban Improvement Society makes all of that possible.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to the Waban Improvement Society so that we can continue to foster the sense of community within our Village now and for The Next 100 Years!

Thank you in advance for your support.

The WIS Board

Christopher Pitts | Colleen Nolan | Theresa Fitzpatrick | Barbara Brustowicz | Elizabeth Epstein | Sachiko Isihara | Alice Jacobs | Robin Healy | Gail Wintersteiner


$5,000 – Brightest Beacon

$2,500 – Toast of the Town

$1,000 – Virtuous Villager

$500 – Wonderful Wabanite

$300 – Notable Neighbor

Donate Any Amount