President: Christopher Pitts – 
Uphold the Mission of the WIS
Oversee committees; assist in setting and reaching goals
Serve as liaison between WIS/WAC/City Councilors, and City Hall
Communicate with other neighborhood organizations
Ensure a consistent message is delivered to the community from WIS

Agendas for meetings
Innovative ideas for community-based activities
Update and maintain WIS handbook for future WIS Directors

WebMaster: Christopher Pitts –
Add and maintain relevant and current information on the WIS website
Attach relevant and helpful links

Updated website with WIS information and relevant links
Maintain online dues function
Provide ‘how to’ documentation for future Webmaster

Treasurer: Colleen Nolan –
Preserve Tax Exempt status and file all 990s and tax returns
Provide written financial report at each BOD meeting
Responsible for disbursements of WIS funds and reconciling funds on a timely basis
Responsible for sending out mass emails to WIS distribution list on upcoming events and important community news
Programs Waban Library Calendar

Financial reports, business as usual, as well as Special Event reports, (Village Day, Progressive Dinner, etc.), when needed
Provide ‘how to’ documentation for future Treasurer

Database Manager/Membership Coordinator: Colleen Nolan –
Maintain database of WIS current members, and dues paid information
Provide periodic reports of current members and dues paid to the President, and at BOD meetings, when needed
Monitor and maintain functionality of contributions being paid via the web

Updated member ledger
Member reports (can be sent via email/soft copy
Provide ‘how to’ documentation for future DB Mgr / Membership Coordinator

Clerk: Sachiko Ishihara
Record minutes at each meeting and distribute to the BOD
Update files with current newsletters and keep all WIS business files up to date
Send out thank you notes and any other information to the community etc.
Serve on a committee

Minutes from each meeting
Updated files




Waban Library Center Director of Volunteer Staff – Alice Jacobs
Coordinate staffing for library operations and programming
Report on Budgeting and Library activities






Vice President: TBD
Oversee a committee
Participate in all other committee activities
Work closely with the President to establish yearly goals
Provide support to the President on all of their responsibilities
Serve as liaison between WIS/WAC/City Councilors, and City Hall

Plan and assist in the implementation of committee-related events

Committee Chairperson (Chairperson does not need to be a Board Member)
Provide leadership to the committee in setting goals, plans, and implementation
Organize committee meetings and agendas
Provide updates to the President and Vice President and at BOD meetings

Activities and/or events
Provide ‘how to’ documentation for future Committee Chair


Board of Directors

Tony DaDalt







Kurt Neumann







Zane Ranney









Robin Healey









Barbara Brustowicz









Sally Diloreto







Liz Epstein







Michael Spalding